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   Computational Science and Engineering Laboratory
"To address critical material
needs through innovative computational 
research, education & outreach"
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Note: All papers are copyrighted by either a publisher or the MPDC group. All rights of reproduction or distribution in any form are reserved. The journal papers are also available for download at the web sites of the publishers.

Instructions: Click on the underlined words or paper numbers to download or view in Adobe PDF format a thesis, paper, presentation, or report.


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[2] "The Integration of Material, Process and Product Design", N. Zabaras, R. Becker, S. Ghosh and L. Lalli (edts.), 1998 (proceedings of the symposium on the 70th birthday of Dr. Owen Richmond, held at Seven Springs, October 19--20, 1998), published by Balkema, Rotterdam, Netherlands (September 1999).

[3] "Stochastic Modeling of Multiscale and Multiphysics Problems", N. Zabaras and D. Xiu (edts.), 2008 (special issue of Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, August 2008), published by Elsevier.


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[3] N. Zabaras, "Solving Stochastic Inverse Problems: A Sparse Grid Collocation Approach", chapter 14, pp. 291--317, in Computational Methods for Large-Scale Inverse Problems and Quantification of Uncertainity (edts. Bart van Bloemen Waanders et al.), published by John Wiley & Sons, January 11, 2011.